Shook Realty Group - Indianapolis, Indiana | Investment Management
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Investment Management

Chase TowerShook Realty Group’s investment professionals specialize in unique real estate investment and development opportunities throughout the Midwest.


SRG is experienced in office, retail, industrial and urban development, and continues to seek new projects in these sectors.  Additionally, SRG has successfully sponsored land assembly for office, industrial, retail and residential developments.


SRG has developed and maintains close relationships with equity and debt providers.  Our team functions as brokers, owners and sponsors depending on the unique needs of each engagement.


SRG is an accredited institutional borrower, having sponsored and managed numerous projects within its own portfolio and for its clientele.


SRG continues to seek new project opportunities, and is always open to discussing how our team can help add value to your investment portfolio.


Asset Management

Asset-management is an invaluable, strategic service SRG offers to assist sophisticated investors in maximizing the value of their real estate holdings. It embodies a comprehensive underwriting strategy that addresses management of equity, debt, cash-flow, capital and operating expenses, reserves, tax-deferred exchanges, etc.